gtcli man page

gtcli — Command-line interface for Getting Things GNOME!


gtgcli [options] COMMAND [command options]


gtgcli provides a handy command-line interface to GTG. It allows to list and modify your task directly from the command line. It also allows to interact with GTG using shell scripts.


-h, --help
Prints some information about gtg's usage and options.

Command Options

Creates a new task.
show <tid>
Display task with <tid> task ID.
edit <tid>
Opens the GUI editor for the task with <tid> task ID.
delete <tid>
Removes task with <tid> task ID.
list [all|today|<filter>|<tag>]
List tasks corresponding to the given attributes.
search <expression>
Search tasks corresponding to <expression>. Read the documentation from GTG's help to know more about the search query syntax.
count [all|today|<filter>|<tag>]
Outputs the task count for all the task corresponding to the given attributes.
summary [all|today|<filter>|<tag]
Report how many tasks starting/due each day.
postpone <tid> <date>
Updates the start date of the task with <tid> task id to <date>.
close <tid>
Sets state of task identified by <tid> to done.
browser [hide|show]
Hides or shows the task browser window.

See Also

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Please report any bug you may experience to the GTG Developers, that can be reached at


2012-08-16 gtgcli