gta man page

gta ā€” a tool to manipulate Generic Tagged Arrays (GTAs).


A GTA is an n-dimensional array with metadata in the form of tags (key-value pairs).
A GTA file or stream contains a sequence of such arrays.
Each array has n dimensions. For example, images have 2 dimensions, and volume data sets have 3.
Each array element consists of m components. These components can have different types. For example, image data is commonly stored using 3 components of type uint8.

The gta tool provides commands to manipulate GTAs. These commands are organized in the following categories:

Commands that operate on element component level.

For example, these commands add or remove components, or change their types.

Commands that operate on dimension level.

For example, these commands add or remove dimensions, or change their sizes.

Commands that operate on array level.

For example, these commands create or compare arrays, or modify array tags.

Commands that operate on stream level.

For example, these commands add or remove arrays.

Commands to convert from/to other file formats.

These commands import and export GTAs from/to many different file formats.


Use gta help to get a list of available commands, and gta help cmd to get help for command cmd.
(Alternatively, you can use gta --help and gta cmd --help.)