grub2-mkimage - Man Page

Make a bootable GRUB image.


grub-mkimage [-c | --config=FILE] [-C | --compression=(xz,none,auto)]

[-d | --directory=DIR] [-k | --pubkey=FILE]
[-m | --memdisk=FILE] [-n | --note] [-o | --output=FILE]
[-O | --format=FORMAT] [-p | --prefix=DIR]
[-v | --verbose] MODULES


grub-mkimage builds a bootable image of GRUB.



Embed FILE as the image's initial configuration file.


Use one of xz, none, or auto as the compression method for the core image.


Use images and modules from DIR.  The default value is /usr/lib/grub/<platform>.


Embed the public key FILE for signature checking.


Embed the memdisk image FILE.  If no -p option is also specified, this implies -p (memdisk)/boot/grub.


Add a CHRP NOTE section.  This option is only valid on IEEE1275 platforms.


Write the generated file to FILE.  The default is to write to standard output.


Generate an image in the specified FORMAT.  Valid values are:

i386-coreboot, i386-multiboot, i386-pc, i386-pc-pxe, i386-efi, i386-ieee1275, i386-qemu, x86_64-efi, mipsel-yeeloong-flash, mipsel-fuloong2f-flash, mipself-loongson-elf, powerpc-ieee1275, sparc64-ieee1275-raw, sparc64-ieee1275-cdcore, sparc64-ieee1275-aout, ia64-efi, mips-arc, mipsel-arc, mipsel-qemu_mips-elf, mips-qemu_mips-flash, mipsel-qemu_mips-flash, mips-qemu_mips-elf


Set prefix directory.  The default value is /boot/grub.


Print verbose messages.


Include MODULES.

See Also

info grub


Wed Feb 26 2014