grub2-mkfont - Man Page

Convert common font file formats into the PF2 format.


grub-mkfont [--ascii-bitmaps] [-a | --force-autohint]

[-b | --bold] [-c | --asce=NUM] [-d | --desc=NUM]
[-i | --index=NUM] [-n | --name=NAME] [--no-bitmap]
[--no-hinting] <-o | --output=FILE>
[-r | --range=FROM-TO[,FROM-TO]] [-s | --size=SIZE]
[-v | --verbose] [--width-spec] FONT_FILES


grub-mkfont converts font files from common formats into the PF2 format used by GRUB.



Save only bitmaps for ASCII characters.


Force generation of automatic hinting.


Convert font to bold.


Set font ascent to NUM.


Set font descent to NUM.


Select face index NUM.


Set font family to NAME.


Ignore bitmap strikes when loading.


Disable hinting.


Save ouptut to FILE.  This argument is required.


Set the font ranges to each pair of FROM,TO.


Set font size to SIZE.


Print verbose messages.


Create a width summary file.


The input files to be converted.

See Also

info grub


Wed Feb 26 2014