grpc_cli-parse - Man Page

grpc_cli parse – parse message


grpc_cli parse address type [message] [OPTION]...





Protocol buffer type name


Text protobuffer (overrides --infile)


Comma separated proto files used as a fallback when parsing request/response


The search paths of proto files (: separated), valid only when --protofiles is given


Don’t attempt to use reflection service at all


Input filename (defaults to stdin)


Output filename (defaults to stdout)


Input in binary format


Output in binary format


Input in json format


Output in json format


Set server host for ssl validation


Client cert for ssl


Client private key for ssl


Set to local_tcp or uds


Set to insecure, ssl, gdc, alts, or local


Set to none, or access_token=token

See Also

grpc_cli(1), grpc_cli-ls(1), grpc_cli-call(1), grpc_cli-type(1), grpc_cli-totext(1), grpc_cli-tojson(1), grpc_cli-tobinary(1), grpc_cli-help(1)

Referenced By

grpc_cli(1), grpc_cli-call(1), grpc_cli-help(1), grpc_cli-ls(1), grpc_cli-tobinary(1), grpc_cli-tojson(1), grpc_cli-type(1).

May 2021