grpc_cli - Man Page

grpc_cli – a command-line tool to talk to a grpc server


grpc_cli COMMAND [OPTION]...



Each of the following has a corresponding man page: for example, grpc_cli-ls(1) for “grpc_cli ls”.

grpc_cli ls

List services

grpc_cli call

Call method

grpc_cli type

Print type

grpc_cli parse

Parse message

grpc_cli totext

Convert binary message to text

grpc_cli tojson

Convert binary message to json

grpc_cli tobinary

Convert text message to binary

grpc_cli help

Print this message, or per-command usage

See Also

grpc_cli-ls(1), grpc_cli-call(1), grpc_cli-type(1), grpc_cli-parse(1), grpc_cli-totext(1), grpc_cli-tojson(1), grpc_cli-tobinary(1), grpc_cli-help(1)

Referenced By

grpc_cli-call(1), grpc_cli-help(1), grpc_cli-ls(1), grpc_cli-parse(1), grpc_cli-tobinary(1), grpc_cli-tojson(1), grpc_cli-type(1).

May 2021