grok-pi-piper - Man Page

Hook script for piping new messages from public-inbox repos


grok-pi-piper [-h] [-v] [-d] -c CONFIG [-l PIPELAST] [--version] repo


This is a ready-made hook script that can be called from pull.post_update_hook when mirroring public-inbox repositories. It will pipe all newly received messages to arbitrary commands defined in the config file. The simplest configuration for is:

pipe = /usr/bin/procmail
# Prune successfully processed messages
shallow = yes


# Don't deliver cross-posted duplicates
:0 Wh: .msgid.lock
| formail -D 8192 .msgid.cache

toplevel = ~/.local/share/grokmirror/lore
log = ${toplevel}/grokmirror.log

site =
manifest =

post_update_hook = ~/.local/bin/grok-pi-piper -c ~/.config/pi-piper.conf
include = /list-you-want/*

It assumes that grokmirror was installed from pip. If you installed it via some other means, please check the path for the grok-pi-piper script.

Note, that initial clone may take a long time, even if you set shallow=yes.

See pi-piper.conf for other config options.


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

-v,  --verbose

Be verbose and tell us what you are doing (default: False)

-d,  --dry-run

Do a dry-run and just show what would be done (default: False)

-c CONFIG--config CONFIG

Location of the configuration file (default: None)


Force pipe last NN messages in the list, regardless of tracking (default: None)


show program's version number and exit

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License: GPLv3+


2020-10-07 2.0.2