grok-dumb-pull man page

GROK-DUMB-PULL — Update git repositories not managed by grokmirror


grok-dumb-pull [options] /path/to/repos


This is a satellite utility that updates repositories not exported via grokmirror manifest. You will need to manually clone these repositories using "git clone --mirror" and then define a cronjob to update them as frequently as you require. Grok-dumb-pull will bluntly execute "git remote update" in each of them.



show program's version number and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-v, --verbose

Be verbose and tell us what you are doing

-s, --svn

The remotes for these repositories are Subversion

-r REMOTES, --remote-names=REMOTES

Only fetch remotes matching this name (accepts globbing, can be passed multiple times)

-u POSTHOOK, --post-update-hook=POSTHOOK

Run this hook after each repository is updated. Passes full path to the repository as the sole argument.

-l LOGFILE, --logfile=LOGFILE

Put debug logs into this file


The following will update all bare git repositories found in /path/to/repos hourly, and /path/to/special/repo.git daily, fetching only the "github" remote:

# Update all repositories found in /path/to/repos hourly
0 * * * * mirror /usr/bin/grok-dumb-pull /path/to/repos
# Update /path/to/special/repo.git daily, fetching "github" remote
0 0 * * * mirror /usr/bin/grok-dumb-pull -r github /path/to/special/repo.git

Make sure the user "mirror" (or whichever user you specified) is able to write to the repos specified.

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License: GPLv3+


2013-08-22 0.4