grl-launch-0.3 man page

grl-launch — run Grilo operations from the command line


grl-launch [Options] OPERATION PARAMETERS


This manual page documents briefly the grl-launch command.

grl-launch is a tool that allows the user to run Grilo operations from the command line.


browse <source>|<media box>

may_resolve <key> <source>|<media box> [<source>]

query <expression> <source>

resolve <source>|<media> [<source>]

search <term> <source>

monitor <source>

test_media_from_uri <uri> [<source>]

media_from_uri <uri> <source>


-h, --help
Show summary of grl-launch options.
Show summary of Grilo options.
Show summary of all options.
-C, --config
Configuration file to send to sources
-c, --count
Number of elements to return
-d, --delay
Wait some seconds before performing the operation (default 1 second)
-f, --flags=full|fast_only|idle_relay
List of comma-separated flags to use
-F, --full
Full serialize
-k, --keys
List of comma-separated keys to retrieve
-S, --serialize
-s, --skip
Number of elements to skip
-T, --titles
Print column titles (useful for CSV spreadsheets)
-V, --version
Print version


Print the ID for all the items searched in the Tracker source:

grl-launch-0.3 search "" -S grl-tracker-source

Print the ID and title for the items in the Apple Trailers source:

grl-launch-0.3 -k id,title browse grl-appletrailers-lua

Print the title for the videos indexed by Tracker:

grl-launch-0.3 -S browse -k title grlcontainer://grl-tracker-source/videos


This manual page was written by Alberto Garcia <>.


August 25, 2014