grid-matching - Man Page

Executes occupancy grid matching techniques


grid-matching --match --map1=grid1.simplemap --map2=grid1.simplemap  [options] grid-matching --detect-test --map1=grid1.simplemap [options]


grid-matching is a command-line application which takes two maps as input and computes a Sum-Of-Gaussians (SOG) density distribution for the 2D transformation between them, if  they are found to match.


                          Operation: match two maps --detect-test                     Operation: Quality of match with one map --map1 arg                        Map #1 to align (*.simplemap) --map2 arg                        Map #2 to align (*.simplemap) --out arg (=gridmatching_out.txt) Output file for the results --config arg                      Optional config. file with more params --save-sog-3d                     Save a 3D view of all the SOG modes --save-sog-all                    Save all the map overlaps --noise-xy arg (=0)               In detect-test mode,std. noise in XY --noise-phi arg (=0)              In detect-test mode,std. noise in PHI (deg) --Ax arg (=4)                     In detect-test mode, displacement in X --Ay arg (=2)                     In detect-test mode, displacement in Y --Aphi arg (=30)                  In detect-test mode, displ. in PHI (deg) --verbose                         verbose output --nologo                          skip the logo at startup --help                            produce help message


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grid-matching is part of the Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT), and was originally  written by the MAPIR laboratory (University of Malaga).

This manual page was written by Jose Luis Blanco <>.


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