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grfid - Man Page

A tool to extract the (New)GRF ID from a (New)GRF



grfid file


GRFID tries to find the (New)GRF identifier of that (New)GRF. Upon failure an error message is given, otherwise the NewGRF identifier is printed hexadecimally to stdout.



Display the help message.

-m file

Display the MD5 checksum of the given NewGRF. For GRF container format 2 this checksum only contains the data section, i.e. it excludes the sprite section to make it easier to construct NewGRFs with different zoom levels.


Display the version.

See Also

The documentation in /usr/share/doc/grfcodec/


GRFID was written by Peter Nelson. GRFID uses MD5 code that was written by L. Peter Deutsch.

This manual page was written by Remko Bijker.


February 3, 2012