grc - Man Page

frontend for generic colouriser grcat(1)


grc [options] command [args]


grc will execute command command with optional parameters [args] piping its stdout or stderr into grcat, with appropriate configuration file.

Configuration file for grc is determined by /etc/grc.conf file.

Format of /etc/grc.conf: each entry consists of 2 lines, between entries there can be any number of empty  lines or lines beginning with # (comments)

First line is regular expression, second line the name of configuration  file for grcat.

Configuration file after the first regular expression matching command [args] will be passed to grcat as its configuration file



Show summary of options.


Display version.

-e --stderr

Redirect error output. Unless -s is selected as well, this cancels redirection of standard output via grcat

-s --stdout

Redirect standard output. Used to redirect standard output  together with --stderr option.


x is one of on off auto

--colour=on will colourise (default)

--colour=off will just execute command without colourising.

--colour=auto will test if standard output is a tty, and colourise only when it is.

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Written by Radovan Garabík <garabik @>

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