graph-slam man page

graph-slam — Command-line Graph-SLAM hub application


graph-slam  [--info] [--dijkstra] [--levmarq] [--no-span]
            [--initial-lambda <val>] [--max-iters <N>] [-q] [--view]
            [--3d] [--2d] [-o <result.graph>] -i <test.graph> [--]
            [--version] [-h]

Usage Examples

View Dijkstra-based spanning tree coordinates estimation of a 2D graph file

graph-slam --2d --dijkstra --view -i in.graph

Visualization of a 2D (or 3D) graph file

graph-slam --2d [or --3d] --view -i in.graph

Levenberg-Marquartd optimization of a 3D graph and visualize result

graph-slam --3d --levmarq --view -i in.graph


graph-slam is a command-line application to visualize pose constraint graphs and execute Graph-SLAM methods on them.

These are the supported arguments and operations:

  Op: Loads the graph and displays statistics and information on it.
  Op: Executes CNetworkOfPoses::dijkstra_nodes_estimate() to estimate
  the global pose of nodes from a Dijkstra tree and the edge relative
  Can be used together with: --view, --output
  Op: Optimizes the graph with sparse Levenberg-Marquartd using global
  coordinates (via mrpt::graphslam::optimize_graph_spa_levmarq).
  Can be used together with: --view, --output, --max-iters, --no-span,
  Don't use dijkstra initial spanning tree guess (optional)
--initial-lambda <val>
  Initial lambda parameter (optional, lev-marq)
--max-iters <N>
  Maximum number of iterations (optional)
-q,  --quiet
  Terse output
  Op: Visualize the graph in a 3D view. If used alone, represent VERTEX2
  or VERTEX3 poses directly as stored in the input file. If used
  together with another operation, the final obtained graph after the
  operation will be shown, not the input original one.
  Use 3D poses (Must use exactly one of --2d and --3d)
  Use 2D poses (Must use exactly one of --2d and --3d)
-o <result.graph>,  --output <result.graph>
  Output file (optional) (*.graph,*.graphbin)
-i <test.graph>,  --input <test.graph>
  (required)  Input file (required) (*.graph,*.graphbin)
--,  --ignore_rest
  Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.
  Displays version information and exits.
-h,  --help
  Displays usage information and exits.


Please report bugs at


graph-slam is part of the Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT), and was originally written by the MAPIR laboratory (University of Malaga).

This manual page was written by Jose Luis Blanco <>.


2015-11-03 perl v5.24.0 Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit - MRPT