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DNSSEC-Tools dtrealms GUI


  grandvizier <realms-file>



Warning:  This is an early prototype.  Consider it to be beta quality, if  not alpha.

grandvizier is a GUI tool for use with monitoring and controlling the DNSSEC-Tools dtrealms program.  It displays information on the current state of the realms dtrealms is managing.  The user may control some aspects of dtrealms's execution using grandvizier menu commands.

grandvizier creates a window in which to display information about each realms.  (These realms are those in dtrealms's current realms file.) For each realm, it displays the realm name and the count of zones in each of these four states:  normal, ZSK rollover, KSK rollover, and KSK phase 6 wait state. As the rollover status of the zones in each realm changes, grandvizier will update its display for that realm.  Inactive realms, realms listed in the realms file but which are not in currently being run, are displayed but have no useful information to display.

The user may also hide realms from the display.  These realms, if in the active state, will continue to execute; however, their information will not be displayed.  Display state for each realm will persist across grandvizier executions.

Menu commands are available for some control over dtrealms.  Display and execution options for grandvizier are also available through menu commands. More information about the menu commands is available in the Menu Commands section.

grandvizier is only intended to be started by dtrealms, not directly by a user.  There are two ways to have dtrealms start grandvizier.  First, realmctl may be given the -display option.  Second, the -display option may be given on dtrealms' command line.


grandvizier takes the following options:


Tells dtrealms to execute grandvizier as a child process.


Tells grandvizier how many realms to display.


Displays the version information for grandvizier and the DNSSEC-Tools package.


Displays a usage message and exits.

Screen Layout

The grandvizier window is laid out as a series of "stripes".  The top stripe contains status information about dtrealms, the second stripe contains column headers, and the bulk of the window consists of realm stripes. The list below provides more detail on the contents of each stripe.

See the Row Colors section for a discussion of the colors used for the zone stripes.

Row Colors

The default grandvizier configuration displays each realm in its own row with a rotating set of colors.  The rows alternate with blue, red, and green, as defined in the X11 rgb.txt file.  Row coloring can be turned off (and on) with configuration options and menu commands.

Configuration File

Several aspects of grandvizier' behavior may be controlled from configuration files.  Configuration value may be specified in the DNSSEC Tools configuration file or in a more specific rc.grandvizier.  The system-wide grandvizier configuration file is in the DNSSEC-Tools configuration directory and is named grandvizier.conf.  Multiple rc.grandvizier files may exist on a system, but only the one in the directory in which grandvizier is executed is used.

The following are the available configuration values:

    colors              Turn on/off use of colors on realm stripes.
    fontsize            The size of the font in the output window.
    inactivecolor       The background color used for inactive zones.
    maxrealms           The number of realms to display.
    modify              Turn on/off execution of dtrealms modification commands.
    showinactive        Turn on/off display of inactive zones.

The rc.grandvizier file is only searched for in the directory in which grandvizier is executed.  The potential problems inherent in this may cause these grandvizier-specific configuration files to be removed in the future.

This file is in the "field value" format, where field specifies the output aspect and value defines the value for that field.  The following are the recognized fields:

Empty lines and comments are ignored.  Comment lines are lines that start with an octothorpe ('#').

Spaces are not allowed in the configuration values.

Choose your inactivecolors carefully.  The only foreground color used is black, so your background colors must work well with black.


grandvizier is implemented in Perl/Tk, so both Perl and Perl/Tk must be installed on your system.


grandvizier has several potential problems that must be taken into account.

development environment

grandvizier was developed and tested on a single-user system running X11 using a relatively small number of zones.  While it works fine in this environment, it has not been run on a system with many users or in a situation where the system console hasn't been in use by the grandvizier user.


Wayne Morrison,

See Also

dtrealms(8), realmctl(8), rollerd(8)



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