grafana-server man page

grafana-server ā€” back-end server for the Grafana metrics dashboard and graph editor


grafana-server is the back-end server for the Grafana metrics dashboard and graph editor. The grafana-server program should not normally be run from the command line, except when testing or for development purposes. Rather it should be managed by systemd. After installing Grafana, the systemd service should be enabled and started as follows:

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable grafana-server.service
systemctl start grafana-server.service


The gafana-server configuration is specified in /etc/grafana/grafana.ini and is well documented with comments. The command-line options listed below override options of the same (or similar) name in the configuration file and also provide additional options for testing Grafana.

-config string

path to config file

-homepath string

path to grafana install/home path, defaults to working directory

-packaging string

describes the way Grafana was installed (default "unknown")

-pidfile string

path to pid file


Turn on pprof profiling

-profile-port int

Define custom port for profiling (default 6060)

-test.bench regexp

run only benchmarks matching regexp


print memory allocations for benchmarks

-test.benchtime d

run each benchmark for duration d (default 1s)

-test.blockprofile file

write a goroutine blocking profile to file

-test.blockprofilerate rate

set blocking profile rate (see runtime.SetBlockProfileRate) (default 1)

-test.count n

run tests and benchmarks n times (default 1)

-test.coverprofile file

write a coverage profile to file

-test.cpu list

comma-separated list of cpu counts to run each test with

-test.cpuprofile file

write a cpu profile to file


do not start new tests after the first test failure

-test.list regexp

list tests, examples, and benchmarks matching regexp then exit

-test.memprofile file

write a memory profile to file

-test.memprofilerate rate

set memory profiling rate (see runtime.MemProfileRate)

-test.mutexprofile string

write a mutex contention profile to the named file after execution

-test.mutexprofilefraction int

if >= 0, calls runtime.SetMutexProfileFraction() (default 1)

-test.outputdir dir

write profiles to dir

-test.parallel n

run at most n tests in parallel (default 8) regexp

run only tests and examples matching regexp


run smaller test suite to save time

-test.testlogfile file

write test action log to file (for use only by cmd/go)

-test.timeout d

panic test binary after duration d (default 0, timeout disabled)

-test.trace file

write an execution trace to file


verbose: print additional output


prints current version and exits

See Also

The full documentation for Grafana is available on-line at


February 2019 Version 5.4.3