gradient_unwarp - Man Page

manual page for 1.2.1


usage: gradient_unwarp infile outfile manufacturer -g <coefficient file> [optional arguments]

positional arguments


The input warped file (nifti or mgh)


The output unwarped file (extension should be .nii/.nii.gz/.mgh/.mgz)


vendor (either "ge" or "siemens" for now)


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

--version,  -v

show program's version number and exit

-g GRADFILE, --gradfile GRADFILE

The .grad coefficient file

-c COEFFILE, --coeffile COEFFILE

The .coef coefficient file

-w,  --warp

warp a volume (as opposed to unwarping)

-n,  --nojacobian

Do not perform Jacobian intensity correction

--fovmin FOVMIN

the minimum extent of harmonics evaluation grid in meters

--fovmax FOVMAX

the maximum extent of harmonics evaluation grid in meters

--numpoints NUMPOINTS

number of grid points in each direction

--interp_order ORDER

the order of interpolation(1..4) where 1 is linear - default



January 2023 1.2.1