gplink man page

gplink — GNU PIC linker


gplink [options] [objects] [libraries]


The information in this man page is an extract from the full documentation of gputils and is limited to the meaning of the options. For complete and current documentation, refer to "" located in the gputils docs directory.


gplink combines a number of object and archive files, relocates their data, and ties up their symbol references. It outputs an executable for Microchip (TM) PIC (TM) micro-controllers. gplink is part of gputils. Check the gputils(1) manpage for details on other GNU PIC utilities.


-a FMT, --hex-format FMT
gplink supports inhx8m, inhx8s, inhx16, and inhx32 hex file formats. This option controls which hex file format is used. The default is inhx32.
-c, --object
Output an executable object.
-d, --debug
Display debug messages.
-f VALUE, --fill VALUE
Fill unused unprotected program memory with value. The value supercedes the linker script fill value. The value must not be greater than 0xffff. The value is hex. The value may be preceeded by "0x".
-h, --help
Show the usage message and exit.
-I DIR, --include DIR
Specify include directory.
-l, --no-list
Disable list file output.
-m, --map
Output a map file.
This option sets the MPLINK compatibility mode.
-o FILE, --output FILE
Alternate name of the output file.
-O OPT, --optimize OPT
Optimization level. Default value is 1.
-q, --quiet
Suppress anything sent to standard output.
-r, --use-shared
Attempt to relocate unshared data sections to shared memory if relocation fails.
-s FILE, --script FILE
Linker script.
-t SIZE, --stack SIZE
Create a stack section.
If this is set, then an option may not be parameter of an another option. For example: -s --quiet
-u, --macro symbol=[value]
Add macro value for script.
-v, --version
Show the version information and exit.
-w, --processor-mismatch
Disable "processor mismatch" warning.

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