gplib man page

gplib — GNU PIC librarian


gplib [options] library [member]


The information in this man page is an extract from the full documentation of gputils and is limited to the meaning of the options. For complete and current documentation, refer to "gputils.ps" located in the gputils docs directory.


gplib creates, modifies, and extracts from COFF archives for Microchip (TM) PIC (TM) micro-controllers. gplib is part of gputils. Check the gputils(1) manpage for details on other GNU PIC utilities.


-c, --create
Create a new library.
-d, --delete
Delete member from library.
-h, --help
Show the usage message and exit.
-n, --no-index
Don't add symbol index.
-q, --quiet
Quiet mode.
-r, --replace
Add or replace member from library.
-s, --symbols
List global symbols in library.
-t, --list
List members in library.
-v, --version
Show the version information and exit.
-x, --extract
Extract member from library.

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Craig Franklin <craigfranklin@users.sourceforge.net>

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