gpioset - Man Page

manual page for gpioset v2.1.1


gpioset [Options] <line=value>...


Set values of GPIO lines.

Lines are specified by name, or optionally by offset if the chip option is provided. Values may be '1' or '0', or equivalently 'active'/'inactive' or 'on'/'off'.

The line output state is maintained until the process exits, but after that is not guaranteed.



display a banner on successful startup

-b,  --bias <bias>

specify the line bias Possible values: 'pull-down', 'pull-up', 'disabled'. (default is to leave bias unchanged)


treat lines as names even if they would parse as an offset

-c,  --chip <chip>

restrict scope to a particular chip

-C, --consumer <name> consumer name applied to requested lines (default is 'gpioset')

-d,  --drive <drive>

specify the line drive mode Possible values: 'push-pull', 'open-drain', 'open-source'. (default is 'push-pull')

-h,  --help

display this help and exit

-l,  --active-low

treat the line as active low

-p,  --hold-period <period>

the minimum time period to hold lines at the requested values

-s,  --strict

abort if requested line names are not unique

-t,  --toggle <period>[,period]...

toggle the line(s) after the specified period(s) If the last period is non-zero then the sequence repeats.


don't quote line names

-v,  --version

output version information and exit

-z,  --daemonize

set values then detach from the controlling terminal


A GPIO chip may be identified by number, name, or path. e.g. '0', 'gpiochip0', and '/dev/gpiochip0' all refer to the same chip.


Periods are taken as milliseconds unless units are specified. e.g. 10us. Supported units are 's', 'ms', and 'us'.


The state of a GPIO line controlled over the character device reverts to default when the last process referencing the file descriptor representing the device file exits. This means that it's wrong to run gpioset, have it exit and expect the line to continue being driven high or low. It may happen if given pin is floating but it must be interpreted as undefined behavior.


Bartosz Golaszewski <>

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to:
   Bartosz Golaszewski <>
   linux-gpio <>


March 2024 libgpiod v2.1.1