gpick - Man Page

advanced color picker


gpick [FILE]


gpick starts an application and opens FILE if it is specified


-v,  --version

Print version information.

-g,  --geometry

Window geometry.

-p,  --pick

Pick a color. You can insert the color at point to the clipboard by pressing CTRL-C. To hide the floating instance, press ESC.

When this option is used, gpick is left running in the background, so that all other floating instances don't start a new process. If closing the process is needed, then use the -s flag.

-s,  --single

Pick one color and exit.

-o,  --output

Output picked color.

-c,  --converter-name

Converter name used for floating picker mode. Available converters are "color_web_hex", "color_css_rgb" and "color_css_hsl".


Output picked color without newline.


Do not start if not running already.


Here are some gpick usage examples

gpick -o -s

Opens a floating instance (i.e. it is not left run in the background) and send the selected color to STDOUT.

gpick -o -s -c color_css_hsl | xclip -sel c

Inserts the selected color into the CLIPBOARD using the CSS HSL notation.


Written by Albertas Vyšniauskas


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