gpdasm man page

gpdasm — GNU PIC disassembler


gpdasm [options] file


The information in this man page is an extract from the full documentation of gputils and is limited to the meaning of the options. For complete and current documentation, refer to "" located in the gputils docs directory.


gpdasm is an disassembler for Microchip (TM) PIC (TM) micro-controllers. gpdasm is part of gputils. Check the gputils(1) manpage for details on other GNU PIC utilities.


-c, --mnemonics
Decode the special mnemonics.
-h, --help
Show this usage message and exit.
-i, --hex-info
Report extra information about the input hex file. This information includes file size and hex format.
-j, --mov-fsrn
In the MOVIW or MOVWI instructions show as base the FSRn register instead of the INDFn. [INDFn]
-k FILE, --label-list FILE
A file which lists the names and addresses of the labels in the disassembled program code. (With the -n, -o and -s options.)
-l, --list-chips
List the supported processors.
-m, --dump
Display the contents of instruction memory.
-n, --show-names
For some case of SFR, shows the name of instead of the address. In addition shows the labels also.
-o, --show-config
Show the CONFIG and IDLOCS - or __idlocs - directives.
-p PROC, --processor PROC
Select the processor.
-s, --short
Output the short format. This format can be reassembled by gpasm. (See also the -k, -n and -o options.)
-t, --use-tab
Uses tabulator character in the written text.
-v, --version
Show the version information and exit.
-y, --extended
Enable 18xx extended mode.
Disassemble only opcodes generated by gpasm in case of instructions with several opcodes.
If this is set, then an option may not be parameter of an another option. For example: -p --dump

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