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goto-cc - Man Page

C/C++ to goto compiler


goto-cc [options]

goto-gcc [options]

goto-ld [options]

goto-as [options]

goto-bcc [options]

goto-armcc [options]

goto-cw [options]


goto-cc reads source code, and generates a GOTO binary. Its command-line interface is designed to mimic that of gcc(1). Note in particular that goto-cc distinguishes between compiling and linking phases, just as gcc(1) does. cbmc(1) expects a GOTO binary for which linking has been completed.

The basename of the file that is used to invoke goto-cc controls which behavior will be emulated. This is typically accomplished by using symbolic links.

goto-cc: invokes the default system compiler as preprocessor and just builds a GOTO binary.

goto-gcc: invokes gcc(1) as preprocessor and builds an elf(5) object file including an additional goto-cc section that holds the GOTO binary.

goto-ld: only performs linking, and also builds an elf(5) object as above.

goto-as: invokes the system assembler as(1) and includes the original assembly source as a string in the output file.

goto-bcc: invokes bcc(1) as preprocessor.

goto-armcc: invokes armcc as preprocessor and enables support for the ARM's C dialect and command-line options.

goto-cw: invokes mwcceppc as preprocessor and enables support for CodeWarrior's C dialect and command-line options.


goto-cc understands the options of gcc(1) plus the following.

--verbosity N

Set verbosity level to N, which defaults to 1 (only errors are printed). A verbosity of 0 disables all output. Using a verbosity of 2 or greater, or using -Wall enables warnings. Verbosity levels 4, 6, 8, 9, or 10 add increasing amounts of debug information.

--function name

Set entry point to name.

--native-compiler cmd

Invoke cmd as preprocessor or compiler.

--native-linker cmd

Invoke cmd as linker.

--native-assembler cmd

Invoke cmd as assembler (goto-as only).


Name-mangle and export file-local (aka static) functions. Name mangling prefixes each symbol name by __CPROVER_file_local and the basename of the file. For example,

// foo.c
static int bar();

yields a globally visible __CPROVER_file_local_foo_c_bar function. Note that this approach mangles all functions contained in a translation unit. We recommend using crangler(1) as a more configurable alternative.

--mangle-suffix suffix

Append suffix to exported file-local symbols. Use this option together with --export-file-local-symbols when multiple files of the same base name contain a static function of the same name. If so, use a unique suffix in at least one of the goto-cc invocations used in compiling those files.

--print-rejected-preprocessed-source file

Copy failing (preprocessed) source to file.

--object-bits N

Configure the number of bits used for object numbering in CBMC's pointer encoding.


All tools honor the TMPDIR environment variable when generating temporary files and directories. goto-cc aims to accept all environment variables that gcc(1) does.


If you encounter a problem please create an issue at https://github.com/diffblue/cbmc/issues

See Also

as(1), bcc(1), cbmc(1), crangler(1), elf(5), gcc(1), ld(1)

Referenced By

cbmc(1), goto-analyzer(1), goto-harness(1), goto-instrument(1), goto-synthesizer(1), memory-analyzer(1).

The man pages goto-gcc(1) and goto-ld(1) are aliases of goto-cc(1).

June 2022 goto-cc-5.59.0