google man page

google ā€” command-line access to (some) Google services


google [help|picasa|blogger|youtube|docs|contacts|calendar|finance] TASK [options]


This program provides command-line access to (some) google services via their gdata APIs. Called without a service name, it starts an interactive session.

NOTE: GoogleCL will interpret arguments as required options in the order they appear in the descriptions below, excluding options set in the configuration file and non-primary terms in parenthesized OR groups. For example:

$ google picasa get my_album .

is interpreted as "google picasa get --title=my_album --dest=.

$ google contacts list john

is interpreted as "$ google contacts list --fields=<config file def> --title=john --delimiter=," (only true if you have not removed the default definition in the config file!)

$ google docs get my_doc .

is interpreted as "$ google docs get --title=my_doc --dest=. (folder is NOT set, since the title option is satisfied first.)

Available tasks for service picasa: 'get', 'create', 'list', 'list-albums', 'tag', 'post', 'delete'

get: Download albums

Requires: title AND dest Optional: owner, format, photo

create: Create an album

Requires: title Optional: src, date, summary, tags, access

list: List photos

Requires: fields AND delimiter Optional: title, query, owner, photo

list-albums: List albums

Requires: fields AND delimiter Optional: title, owner

tag: Tag/caption photos

Requires: (title OR query) AND (tags OR summary) Optional: owner, photo

post: Post photos to an album

Requires: title AND src Optional: tags, owner, photo, summary

delete: Delete photos or albums

Requires: (title OR query) Optional: photo

Available tasks for service blogger: 'post', 'tag', 'list', 'delete'

post: Post content.

Requires: src AND blog Optional: title, tags, access

tag: Label posts

Requires: blog AND title AND tags

list: List posts in a blog

Requires: fields AND blog AND delimiter Optional: title, owner

delete: Delete a post.

Requires: blog AND title

Available tasks for service youtube: 'post', 'tag', 'list', 'delete'

post: Post a video.

Requires: src AND category AND devkey Optional: title, summary, tags, access

tag: Add tags to a video and/or change its category.

Requires: title AND (tags OR category) AND devkey

list: List videos by user.

Requires: fields AND delimiter Optional: title, owner

delete: Delete videos.

Requires: title AND devkey

Available tasks for service docs: 'edit', 'delete', 'list', 'upload', 'get'

edit: Edit a document

Requires: title Optional: format, editor, folder

delete: Delete documents

Requires: title Optional: folder

list: List documents

Requires: fields AND delimiter Optional: title, folder

upload: Upload a document

Requires: src Optional: title, folder, format

get: Download a document

Requires: (title OR folder) AND dest Optional: format

Available tasks for service contacts: 'list', 'list-groups', 'add', 'add-groups', 'delete-groups', 'delete'

list: List contacts

Requires: fields AND title AND delimiter

list-groups: List contact groups

Requires: title

add: Add contacts

Requires: src

add-groups: Add contact group(s)

Requires: title

delete-groups: Delete contact group(s)

Requires: title

delete: Delete contacts

Requires: title

Available tasks for service calendar: 'add', 'list', 'today', 'delete'

add: Add event to a calendar

Requires: src Optional: cal

list: List events on a calendar

Requires: fields AND delimiter Optional: title, query, date, cal

today: List events for the next 24 hours

Requires: fields AND delimiter Optional: title, query, cal

delete: Delete event from a calendar

Requires: (title OR query) Optional: date, cal

Available tasks for service finance: 'list-txn', 'delete-pos', 'create-pos', 'delete-txn', 'create', 'create-txn', 'list', 'list-pos', 'delete'

list-txn: List transactions

Requires: title AND ticker

delete-pos: Delete positions

Requires: title Optional: ticker

create-pos: Create position

Requires: title AND ticker

delete-txn: Delete transactions

Requires: title AND ticker Optional: txnid

create: Create a portfolio

Requires: title AND currency

create-txn: Create transaction

Requires: title AND ticker AND ttype AND shares AND price Optional: shares, price, date, commission, currency, notes

list: List portfolios

Requires: none Optional: fields

list-pos: List positions

Requires: title Optional: fields

delete: Delete portfolios

Requires: title



show program's version number and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit


Specify access/visibility level of an upload


Blogger only - specify a blog other than your primary.


Calendar only - specify a calendar other than your primary.

-c CATEGORY, --category=CATEGORY

YouTube only - specify video categories as a commaseparated list, e.g. "Film, Travel"


Finance only - specify commission for transaction


Specify location of config file.


Finance only - specify currency for portfolio


YouTube only - specify developer tags as a commaseparated list.


YouTube only - specify a developer key

-d DATE, --date=DATE

Calendar only - date of the event to add/look for. Can also specify a range with a comma. Picasa only - sets the date of the album Finance only - transaction creation date


Enable all debugging output, including HTTP data


Specify a delimiter for the output of the list task.


Destination. Typically, where to save data being downloaded.


Blogger only - post as a draft. Shorthand for --access=draft


Docs only - editor to use on a file.


Fields to list with list task.

-f FOLDER, --folder=FOLDER

Docs only - specify folder(s) to upload to / search in.


Force validation step for re-used access tokens (Overrides --skip-auth).


Docs only - format to download documents as.


Label the machine being used.

-n TITLE, --title=TITLE

Title of the item


Google Apps Premier only - do not convert the file on upload. (Else converts to native Google Docs format)


Finance only - specify notes for transaction

-o OWNER, --owner=OWNER

Username or ID of the owner of the resource. For example, 'picasa list-albums -o bob' to list bob's albums


Picasa only - specify title or name of photo(s)


Finance only - specify price for transaction

-q QUERY, --query=QUERY

Full text query string for specifying items. Searches on titles, captions, and tags.


Print only prompts and error messages


Calendar only - specify time for added event's reminder, e.g. "10m", "3h", "1d"


Finance only - specify amount of shares for transaction


Skip validation step for re-used access tokens.


Source. Typically files to upload.

-s SUMMARY, --summary=SUMMARY

Description of the upload, or file containing the description.

-t TAGS, --tags=TAGS

Tags for item, e.g. "Sunsets, Earth Day"


Finance only - specify ticker


Finance only - specify transaction type, e.g. "Bye", "Sell", "Buy to Cover", "Sell Short"


Finance only - specify transaction id

-u USER, --user=USER

Username to log in with for the service. If not provided full email address (e.g. "foo"), than it is assumed to be in domain (e.g. ""). If you want to use another domain, provide full email address like ""

-v, --verbose

Print all messages.


Answer "yes" to all prompts


google blogger post --title 'foo' 'command line posting'

google calendar add 'Lunch with Jim at noon tomorrow'

google contacts list --title '.*' --fields name,email,phone > contacts.csv

google docs edit --title 'Shopping list'

google picasa create --title 'Cat Photos' ~/photos/cats/*.jpg

google youtube post --category Education killer_robots.avi


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