goodvibes - Man Page

a lightweight internet radio player for GNU/Linux


goodvibes [Options...] [STATION]


Goodvibes is a lightweight internet radio player for GNU/Linux. It offers a simple way to have your favorite radio stations at easy reach. It provides everything you can expect from a modern media player: multimedia keys binding, mpris2 support, notifications, and sleep inhibition. It can be launched with or without GUI, and comes with a command-line client.

This manual page is only a short reference for Goodvibes. Complete documentation is available at


-b,  --background

Run in the background.

-c,  --colorless

Disable colors in log messages.

-l,  --log-level=level

Set the log level, amongst: trace, debug, info, warning, critical, error. The default is warning.

-o,  --output-file=file

Redirect log messages to a file.

-v,  --version

Print the version and exit.


Disable the graphical user interface at startup.


Launch as a status icon (deprecated on modern desktops).


Written by Arnaud Rebillout.

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July 2018 goodvibes 0.7.6