goid-tool - Man Page



goid-tool [Options] [mode]


The goid-tool utility can be used from the command line to ???


--help,  -h

Print help message on screen.

--version,  -V

Print the OpenSC package release version.

--reader string, -r string

Specify the number of the reader to use. By default, the first reader with present card is used. If the argument is an ATR, the reader with a matching card will be chosen.

--verbose,  -v

Cause goid-tool to be more verbose. Use it multiple times to be even more verbose.

--verify-pin,  -p

Verify PIN.

--verify-bio,  -b

Verify finger print.


Verify PIN or finger print (user's choice).

See Also

pkcs11-tool(1) opensc.conf(5)


pkcs11-register was written by Frank Morgner <frankmorgner@gmail.com>.


08/08/2023 OpenSC Tools