gogui-terminal man page

gogui-terminal — Simple text based interface to Go programs supporting GTP.


gogui-terminal [-config file] [-color] [-size n] [-verbose] program

gogui-terminal -help

gogui-terminal -version


Simple text based interface to Go programs supporting the Go Text Protocol. The argument program is a command line for the Go program . The interface keeps track of the board and prints it after each change on the board. If a move (coordinate on the board or pass) is entered, it is played on the board for the color to move, followed by a genmove command sent to the program. Other supported commands are:


Send a genmove command for the color to move to the program.


Print help.


Send a list_commands command to the program.


Load game from a SGF file. Moves are translated into play commands for the program.

newgame [size]

Start a new game with a given board size.


Save game to file in SGF format.


Send a undo command to the program.


Terminate program and exit.

GTP commands that change the board state are not allowed. Other GTP commands are forwarded to the program.


-config file

Read command line options and arguments from the given file.


Colorize text output of the Go board using ANSI escape sequences.

-size n

Board size.


Log GTP stream to standard error.


Print version and exit.


02/10/2017 GoGui 1.4.9 GoGui Reference