gogui-regress man page

gogui-regress — Runs GTP regression tests.


gogui-regress [-config file] [-gtpfile file] [-long] [-output directory] [-verbose] program test.tst...

gogui-regress -help

gogui-regress -version


Runs a list of regression tests for a Go program supporting the Go Text Protocol, and formats the output as HTML. The regression tests are GTP files, which use the special comment #?, as used for the GNU Go[1] regression tests (see section Regression testing[2] of the GNU Go documentation). The regular expression syntax for the expected responses is mostly compatible to the one used by the GNU Go regression test suite, see the documentation for java.util.regex.Pattern[3] for a complete description.

Test names that start with a '@' are interpreted as files containing a test suite. The file with the corresponding name (excluding the '@') is read and every non-empty line that does not start with the comment character '#' is added to the list of test names. The files are allowed to contain names of other test suites.

The main output file is index.html. For each test file test.tst, additional files with name test.html and test.out.html are generated. Additionally, a text file summary.dat is generated, with a table row containing the most important summary statistics. gogui-regress will start a new instance of the Go program for each test and use the directory of the test file as the working directory for the Go program.

The return value of gogui-regress is 0, if all tests completed successfully with no unexpected fails, 1 if there was at least one unexpected fail, and 2 if the Go program crashed or some other error occurred.


-config file

Read command line options and arguments from the given file.

-gtpfile file

File with GTP commands to execute before each test. This file can be used to configure engine parameters. If a command from the file fails, the program will exit with an error message.


Display help and exit.


Print longer output to standard output, one line per test.

-output directory

Write output files to the given directory.


Print the GTP stream to the Go program to standard error.


Print version and exit.





Regression testing




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