gogui-dummy man page

gogui-dummy — Dummy Go program for testing GTP controllers.


gogui-dummy [-config file] [-log file] [-resign n] [-srand seed]

gogui-dummy -help

gogui-dummy -version


Dummy Go program supporting GTP (Go Text Protocol) for testing GTP controllers. Plays random moves. Never plays at a point at which already a move was made, even after the point becomes free again because of capture. Illegal moves sent to the program are not checked; they are always accepted.


-config file

Read command line options and arguments from the given file.


Print help and exit.

-log file

Log GTP stream to file.

-resign n

Resign at the nth genmove command after the game started.

-srand seed

Set the random seed for random move generation.


Print version and exit.

GTP Extensions


Output a board randomly filled with "B" and "W".


Exit the program with return code -1.

gogui-dummy-delay seconds

Delay the response to every command. An argument of 0 switches of the delay again. If no argument is given, the current delay value is returned.


Command according to the eplist analyze command type in GoGui. The arguments can be a point list, which is remembered. If the argument is "show", the current point list is shown.


For testing the file open analyze command wildcard. Takes a filename argument and returns some information about this file.


For testing the file save analyze command wildcard. Takes a filename argument and writes a test string into the file.


Command for testing the gfx analyze return type of GoGui.


Print an invalid GTP response which does not start with a status character.


Command for testing live graphics in GoGui.

gogui-dummy-long_response n

Print a GTP response with n lines.

gogui-dummy-next_failure response

Let the next command fail with the given response.

gogui-dummy-next_success response

Let the next command succeed with the given response.


Command for testing GoGui's analyze command type 'sboard'. Returns a board of strings.

gogui-dummy-sleep seconds

Sleep for a number of seconds (default 20). This command can be interrupted.


Print the argument as response.


Print the argument to standard error.


Indicate interrupt ability for GoGui.


02/10/2017 GoGui 1.4.9 GoGui Reference