gogui-adapter man page

gogui-adapter — Go Text Protocol adapter for logging or protocol translations.


gogui-adapter [-config file] [-fillpasses] [-gtpfile file] [-log file] [-lowercase] [-name name] [-noscore] [-size n] [-verbose] [-version1] program

gogui-adapter -help

gogui-adapter -version


Go Text Protocol adapter for logging or protocol translations. The argument program is a command line for the Go program .

The adapter keeps its own board state and handles all commands that change the board state by translating them into appropriate commands for the actual Go engine. This can be used to do GTP protocol translations between version 1 and version 2 controllers and engines, or for emulating commands that the engine does not support. For instance, if the engine does not support undo, the adapter will send a clear board command followed by a sequence of moves up to the previous position. The command loadsgf is always handled by the adapter and translated into a sequence of play commands (or gogui-setup, if supported by the program). The command is also registered as loadxml and is able to handle file arguments that are in Jago's XML format.


-config file

Read command line options and arguments from the given file.


Fill non-alternating moves with pass moves (for programs that can only handle move sequences with alternating color).

-gtpfile file

Send GTP commands from file to program at startup. The file may not contain commands that change the board state.


Display help and exit.

-log file

Log the GTP stream to a file (the stream of the adapter program, not the one from the adapter to the Go program).


Translate move commands to lower-case. The GTP standards requires case-insensitive parsing of moves, but some programs can handle only lower-case.

-name name

Name used for answering the name command. If the name contains a colon, the part after the colon is interpreted as a version and used for answering the version command.


Hide the final_score and final_status_list commands, even if the program supports them.

-size n

Board size at startup. Default is 19.


Print the GTP stream from the adapter to the Go program to standard error.


Print version and exit.


Sets, whether gogui-adapter reports protocol version 1 in response to the protocol_version command and implements version 1 commands.

GTP Extensions


Show the internal Go board. This is different from the showboard command, which is forwarded to the Go program, if it supports it.


02/10/2017 GoGui 1.4.9 GoGui Reference