go-bindata.shulhan - Man Page

A small utility which generates Go code from any file


go-bindata [options] <input directories>


-assetprefix string

Prefix for the name of the asset function. Begin with a capital letter to export them (default "bindata")


Do not embed the assets, but provide the embedding API. Contents will still be loaded from disk.


Similar to debug, but does not emit absolute paths. Expects a rootDir variable to already exist in the generated code's package.

-ignore value

Regex pattern to ignore

-include value

Regex pattern to include


MD5 checksums will be calculated for assets.

-mode uint

Optional file mode override for all files.

-modtime int

Optional modification unix timestamp override for all files.


Assets will *not* be GZIP compressed when this flag is specified.


Use a .rodata hack to get rid of unnecessary memcopies. Refer to the documentation to see what implications this carries.


Assets will not preserve size, mode, and modtime info.

-o string

Optional name of the output file to be generated. (default "bindata.go")

-pkg string

Package name to use in the generated code. (default "main")

-prefix string

Optional path prefix to strip off asset names.


Split output into several files, avoiding to have a big output file.

-tags string

Optional set of build tags to include.


Print the name of file as they are being processed.


Displays version information.


July 2021 go-bindata.shulhan 3.6.1