gnome-shell man page

gnome-shell — Graphical shell for the GNOME desktop


gnome-shell [OPTION...]


GNOME shell provides core user interface functions for the GNOME 3 desktop, like switching to windows and launching applications. GNOME shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics hardware and introduces innovative user interface concepts to provide a visually attractive and easy to use experience.

gnome-shell is a required component of the GNOME desktop, i.e. it is listed in the RequiredComponents field of /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/gnome.session. It is started in the window manager phase of the session.


-r, --replace
Replace the running window manager
Disable connection to the session manager
Specify session management ID
Initialize session from FILE
X screen to use
-d, --display=DISPLAY
X Display to use
Make X calls synchronous
Print version and exit
Display help and exit
Use a specific mode, e.g. "gdm" for login screen
List possible modes and exit
Clutter the option display (otherwise ignored)


/usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/gnome.session, /usr/share/applications/org.gnome.Shell.desktop.


The bug tracker can be reached by visiting the website…. Before sending a bug report, please verify that you have the latest version of gnome-shell. Many bugs (major and minor) are fixed at each release, and if yours is out of date, the problem may already have been solved.

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