gnome-calls - Man Page

Make and receive calls


gnome-calls [OPTIONS...] [SIP/TEL URI]


gnome-calls is a GTK based dialer for PSTN and SIP.

It uses ModemManager to talk to the cellular modem for PSTN. Besides phone calls it also handles USSD. In the case of SIP it uses sofia-sip for the SIP signalling and GStreamer pipelines to deal with RTP payload of audio data.

It works on desktops but also adjusts to small screen sizes like smart phones and other mobile devices.


-h,  --help

Show help options.


Show all help options.


Show GApplication options.


Show GTK+ options.


Show program version.

--p,  --provider=PLUGIN

The plugins to use as call provider. Can be passed multiple times. Defaults to ModemManger and SIP (-p mm -p sip).

-l,  --dial=NUMBER

Dial a phone number (no need for the tel: URI scheme prefix).

-d,  --daemon

Whether to present the main window on startup.

-v,  --verbose

Enable verbose debug messages. Can be passed multiple times.