gmond - Man Page

manual page for Ganglia Monitor Daemon


gmond [OPTIONS]...


The Ganglia Monitoring Daemon (gmond) listens to the cluster message channel, stores the data in-memory and when requested will output an XML description of the state of the cluster

-h, --help

Print help and exit

-V, --version

Print version and exit

-c, --conf=STRING

Location of gmond configuration file  (default= `/etc/ganglia/gmond.conf')

-l, --location=STRING

Location of this host in the cluster 'rack,rank,plane'.  (default=`0,0,0')

-d, --debug=INT

Debug level. If greater than zero, daemon will stay in foreground.  (default=`0')

-f, --foreground

Run in foreground (don't daemonize)  (default=off)

-t, --default_config

Print the default configuration to stdout and exit (default=off)

-m, --metrics

Print the list of metrics this gmond supports (default=off)

-b, --bandwidth

Calculate minimum bandwidth use for configuration (default=off)

-r, --convert=STRING

Convert a 2.5.x configuration file to the new 3.x format

-p, --pid-file=STRING

Write process-id to file


Matt Massie <>

Reporting Bugs

Report all bugs to the Ganglia Github project at

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