gmetric man page

gmetric — manual page for Ganglia Custom Metric Utility


gmetric [OPTIONS]...


The Ganglia Metric Client (gmetric) announces a metric on the list of defined send channels defined in a configuration file

-h, --help
Print help and exit
-V, --version
Print version and exit
-c, --conf=STRING
The configuration file to use for finding send channels (default=`/etc/ganglia/gmond.conf')
-n, --name=STRING
Name of the metric
-v, --value=STRING
Value of the metric
-t, --type=STRING
Either string|int8|uint8|int16|uint16|int32|uint32|float|double
-u, --units=STRING
Unit of measure for the value e.g. Kilobytes, Celcius (default=`')
-s, --slope=STRING
Either zero|positive|negative|both (default=`both')
-x, --tmax=INT
The maximum time in seconds between gmetric calls (default=`60')
-d, --dmax=INT
The lifetime in seconds of this metric (default=`0')
-g, --group=STRING
Group of the metric
-D, --desc=STRING
Description of the metric
-T, --title=STRING
Title of the metric
-S, --spoof=STRING
IP address and name of host/device (colon separated) we are spoofing (default=`')
-H, --heartbeat
spoof a heartbeat message (use with spoof option)


Matt Massie <>

Reporting Bugs

Report all bugs to the Ganglia Github project at…


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