gmdns - Man Page

Tool for doing mDNS operations


gmdns [-n|--name str] [-t|--type str] [-m|--domain str] [-o|--host str] [-i|--interface num] [-y|--nettype unspec|ipv4|ipv6] [-s|--service] [-x|--txt str] [-p|--port num] [-c|--close-on-done] [--timeout time_in_msecs] [-d|--debug] [-h|--help]


The gmdns program allows you to advertise an mDNS service or query for mDNS services on the local network.


-n|--name str

The name field for the service/query.

-t|--type str

The type field for the service/query.

-m|--domain str

The domain field for the service/query.

-o|--host str

The host field for the service/query.

-i|--interface num

The interface number for the service/query.  If -1, service/query all the interfaces on the system.  Defaults to -1.

-y|--nettype unspec|ipv4|ipv6

The network type for the service/query.  If unspec, the service/query is for IPv4 and IPv6.  Otherwise it's only for the specified protocol. Defaults to unspec.


Advertise a network service instead of doing a query.  In this case, the name, type, and port options must be provided.  The others are optional and should not be provided unless you need them.

-x|--txt str

Add the string to the set of text strings advertised for a service. Only makes sense with -s.

-p|--port str

Use the given port for the advertised service.  Only make sense with -s.


For a query, after all currently known services are reported, exit.

--timeout time

The amount of time to wait, in milliseconds, before closing everything and terminating.


Generate debugging output.  Specifying more than once increases the output.


Help output

String Values for Queries

The string values for queries may use regular expressions or globs. If the string starts with '%', then the data after it is treated as a regular expression and fields are matched against that.  If the string starts with '@', the the data after it is treated as a standard glob. See the regex(7) and glob(7) man pages for details.

If the string starts with '=', an exact comparison is done with the data after it.

If the string starts with a-z0-9_ or a space, then an exact string comparison is done, including the first character.

The behavior of matching for any other starting character is undefined.  In general, you should always use '@', '%', or '=' as the starting character of all your query strings to be sure.

See Also

gensio_mdns(3), regex(7), glob(7)

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