gmaptemplate - Man Page

HTML template for viewing tiled images with the Google Map API


gmaptemplate > index.html

  --title title      The content of the HTML <title> tag
  --prefix prefix    File prefix of tiles relative to root directory
  --apikey key       A Google Maps API key
  --centrelat deg    Latitude -90 to 90
  --centrelon deg    Longitude -180 to 180
  --initialzoom num  Start zoom level
  --maxzoom num      Maximum zoom level
  --maxzoomp1 num    Maximum zoom level +1
  --minres num       Minimum zoom level


gmaptemplate is a simple tool to write a HTML file based on a template in the Google Map Image Cutter tool: <>

Note: to use this HTML online you will need a Google Maps API key from <>


The Google Map Image Cutter software and documentation is the property of CASA and University College London. The software is provided free under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. CASA and University College London do not accept any liability for any losses arising from the use of this software.

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