gm-convert_file man page

gm-convert_file ā€” converts files from within GNUmed


gm-convert_file <input file> <target mime type> <target file extension> <target filename>


gm-convert_file is a helper script which GNUmed uses to convert files from one format into another as needed.


input file

The file to convert.

target mime type

The mime type into which to convert the input file.

target file extension

The extension of the target filename

Some programs (say, convert of ImageMagick fame) use this (rather than the target mime type) to determine the target format.

target filename

The filename under which to store the converted file.

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This manual page was written by Karsten Hilbert <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).


2012 August 2nd Convert files from within GNUmed