globus-job-get-output-helper - Man Page

Display the output or error stream from a GRAM job


globus-job-get-output-helper TAG JOBID { stdout | stderr } { no | LINES } { no | LINES } URL

globus-job-get-output-helper -help | -h | -usage


The globus-job-get-output-helper program is an internal interface used by the globus-job-get-output program to copy output back to a GASS server. This program is submitted via the globusrun command and executes globus-url-copy to transfer the data.

The invocation to this command is created in the RSL arguments by the globus-job-get-output program. The arguments are positional and may change in future releases. Their meaning is

  1. GASS cache tag for the output file
  2. GRAM job id
  3. Stream to transfer (stdout or stderr)
  4. Number of lines to include (from the end of the file) for one time processing or no
  5. Number of lines to include (from the end of the file) for tail -f processing or literal no
  6. GASS server URL to send the data to


The full set of options to globus-job-get-output-helper are:

-help,  -h,  -usage

Display a help message to standard output and exit.


The following variables affect the execution of globus-job-get-output-helper.


Path to proxy credential.


Path to trusted certificate directory.


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