glite-lb-purge man page

glite-lb-purge — utility for removing inactive jobs from the L&B database


glite-lb-purge [options]


glite-lb-purge is utility for removing inactive jobs from the L&B database. By default, it removes jobs that reached CLEARED, ABORTED and CANCELLED state and also OTHER and DONE jobs that are inactive for specific (rather long) time. It is a command line frontend to server internal purge. It is used by administrators of bkserver and it is not supposed to be used at the user level.

glite-lb-purge may be run periodically in order to avoid database overflow, however the periodic purges are done by server itself, so check the configuration of the server first.


-m, --server bkserver
L&B server machine name. If not specified, the environment variable EDG_WL_QUERY_SERVER is beeing checked.
-a, --aborted NNN[smhd]
Purge ABORTED jobs older than NNN seconds/minutes/hours/days (only one number and one letter allowed). If the time is not specified, the default timeout is determined by the server.
-c, --cleared NNN[smhd]
Purge CLEARED jobs older than given time.
-n, --cancelled NNN[smhd]
Purge CANCELLED jobs older than given time.
-e, --done NNN[smhd]
Purge DONE jobs older than given time.
-o, --other NNN[smhd]
Purge OTHER (i.e. job in other state than ABORTED, CLEARED or CANCELLED) jobs older than given time.
-r, --dry-run
Do not really purge.
-j, --jobs filename
Input file with jobIds of jobs to purge.
-l, --return-list
Return list of jobid matching the purge/dump criteria.
-s, --server-dump
Dump jobs at the server into a file (see bkserverd).
-i, --client-dump
Receive stream of dumped jobs (NOT implemented yet!).
-h, --help
Display help.
-v, --version
Display version.
-d, --debug
Print diagnostics on the stderr.
-x, --proxy
Purge L&B proxy.
-X, --sock path
Purge L&B proxy using given socket path.
-t, --target-runtime NNN[smhd]
Throttle purge to the estimated target runtime.
-b, --background N
Purge on the background. Default 1 when throttled purging.


No configuration files needed.


If $EDG_WL_QUERY_SERVER is set, its value is used as the bkserver address.


Please report all bugs to CESNET gLite L&B issue tracker available at…

See Also

glite-lb-bkindex(8), glite-lb-bkserverd(8), glite-lb-interlogd(8), glite-lb-logd(8), glite-lb-logevent(1), glite-lb-dump(1), glite-lb-load(1)



Referenced By

glite-lb-bkindex(8), glite-lb-bkpurge-offline(1), glite-lb-bkserverd(8), glite-lb-dump_exporter(1), glite-lb-load(1), glite-lb-statistics(1).

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