glite-lb-dump_exporter man page

glite-lb-dump_exporter ā€” L&B dump exporter for Job Provenance


glite-lb-dump_exporter [Options]


glite-lb-dump_exporter parses a complete L&B job events dump file, creates one file per every job, and updates information in the message directory for further processing.

This utility is used together with glite-jp-importer daemon for importing L&B dumps to Job Provenance.


-d, --dump FILE

L&B dump file location. The file is generated by the glite-lb-purge utility.

-h, --help

Display help.

-j, --jpps HOST:PORT

Target Job Provenance Primary Storage, where the files should be uploaded.

-m, --lbmaildir DIRECTORY

Directory to store the message describing the file upload. It is read by glite-jp-importer.

-s, --store DIRECTORY

Directory where to store all dump files.


Please report all bugs to CESNET gLite L&B issue tracker available at


L&B Product Team, CESNET.

See Also

glite-lb-purge(1), glite-lb-statistics(1), glite-jp-importer(8)

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