glite-lb-bkpurge-offline man page

glite-lb-bkpurge-offline ā€” emergency utility for removing inactive jobs from the L&B database


glite-lb-bkpurge-offline [Options]


glite-lb-bkpurge-offline is a utility for removing inactive jobs from the L&B database. By default, it removes jobs that reached CLEARED, ABORTED and CANCELED state and also OTHER and DONE jobs that are inactive for a specific (rather long) period of time. It calls SQL database commands directly.

This utility is provided for emergency and expert use only. Exact semantics of job age are slightly different from regular glite-lb-bkpurge, there is no synchronization with running L&B server and/or proxy when jobs receive new events while being purged, and error handling is minimal.


-a NNN[smhd]

Purge ABORTED jobs older than NNN seconds/minutes/hours/days (only one number and one letter allowed). If the time is not specified, the default timeout is determined by the server.

-c NNN[smhd]

Purge CLEARED jobs older than the given age.

-d NNN[smhd]

Purge DONE jobs older than the given age.


Display help.


L&B server machine name. If not specified, the environment variable EDG_WL_QUERY_SERVER is checked for hostname and port.

-M {singleshot|staged}

Cleaning method (default=staged).

-n NNN[smhd]

Purge CANCELED jobs older than the given age.

-o NNN[smhd]

Purge OTHER jobs (i.e., jobs in states other than ABORTED, CLEARED or CANCELED) older than the given age.


Purge L&B proxy database (default: L&B server DB).


Free unused space if using MyISAM DB engine. Note that MyISAM is not used by default in L&B deployments.



If $EDG_WL_QUERY_SERVER is set, its value is used as the bkserver address.


Please report all bugs to CESNET gLite L&B issue tracker available at


L&B Product Team, CESNET.

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