glab-mr-list - Man Page

List merge requests


glab mr list [flags]


List merge requests


-A, --all[=false] Get all merge requests

-a, --assignee=[] Get only merge requests assigned to users

--author="" Filter merge request by Author

-c, --closed[=false] Get only closed merge requests

-d, --draft[=false] Filter by draft merge requests

-g, --group="" Select a group/subgroup. This option is ignored if a repo argument is set.

-l, --label=[] Filter merge request by label

-M, --merged[=false] Get only merged merge requests

-m, --milestone="" Filter merge request by milestone

--not-label=[] Filter merge requests by not having label

-F, --output="text" Format output as: text, json

-p, --page=1 Page number

-P, --per-page=30 Number of items to list per page

-R,  --repo="" Select another repository using the OWNER/REPO or GROUP/NAMESPACE/REPO
format or full URL or git URL

-r, --reviewer=[] Get only merge requests with users as reviewer

--search="" Filter by  in title and description

-s, --source-branch="" Filter by source branch

-t, --target-branch="" Filter by target branch

Options Inherited from Parent Commands

--help[=false] Show help for command


glab mr list --all
glab mr ls -a
glab mr list --assignee=@me
glab mr list --reviewer=@me
glab mr list --source-branch=new-feature
glab mr list --target-branch=main
glab mr list --search "this adds feature X"
glab mr list --label needs-review
glab mr list --not-label waiting-maintainer-feedback,subsystem-x
glab mr list -M --per-page 10

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