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glab-mr-create - Man Page

Create new merge request

Examples (TL;DR)


glab mr create [flags]


Create new merge request


--allow-collaboration[=false] Allow commits from other members

-a, --assignee=[] Assign merge request to people by their usernames

--copy-issue-labels[=false] Copy labels from issue to the merge request. Used with --related-issue

--create-source-branch[=false] Create source branch if it does not exist

-d, --description="" Supply a description for merge request

--draft[=false] Mark merge request as a draft

-f, --fill[=false] Do not prompt for title/description and just use commit info

--fill-commit-body[=false] Fill description with each commit body when multiple commits. Can only be used with --fill

-H,  --head="" Select another head repository using the OWNER/REPO or GROUP/NAMESPACE/REPO
format or the project ID or full URL

-l, --label=[] Add label by name. Multiple labels should be comma separated

-m, --milestone="" The global ID or title of a milestone to assign

--no-editor[=false] Don't open editor to enter description. If set to true, uses prompt. (default false)

--push[=false] Push committed changes after creating merge request. Make sure you have committed changes

--recover[=false] Save the options to a file if the merge request fails to be created. If the file exists, the options will be loaded from the recovery file (EXPERIMENTAL)

-i, --related-issue="" Create merge request for an issue. The merge request title will be created from the issue if --title is not provided.

--remove-source-branch[=false] Remove Source Branch on merge

--reviewer=[] Request review from users by their usernames

-s, --source-branch="" The Branch you are creating the merge request. Default is the current branch.

--squash-before-merge[=false] Squash commits into a single commit when merging

-b, --target-branch="" The target or base branch into which you want your code merged

-t, --title="" Supply a title for merge request

-w, --web[=false] continue merge request creation on web browser

--wip[=false] Mark merge request as a work in progress. Alternative to --draft

-y, --yes[=false] Skip submission confirmation prompt, with --fill it skips all optional prompts

Options Inherited from Parent Commands

--help[=false] Show help for command

-R,  --repo="" Select another repository using the OWNER/REPO or GROUP/NAMESPACE/REPO
format or full URL or git URL


glab mr new
glab mr create -a username -t "fix annoying bug"
glab mr create -f --draft --label RFC
glab mr create --fill --web
glab mr create --fill --fill-commit-body --yes

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