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glab-ci-view - Man Page

View, run, trace/logs, and cancel CI/CD jobs current pipeline


glab ci view [branch/tag] [flags]


Supports viewing, running, tracing, and canceling jobs.

Use arrow keys to navigate jobs and logs.

'Enter' to toggle a job's logs or trace or display a child pipeline (trigger jobs are marked with a Ā»). Supports vi style bindings and arrow keys for navigating jobs and logs.


-b, --branch="" Check pipeline status for a branch/tag. (Default is the current branch)

-w, --web[=false] Open pipeline in a browser. Uses default browser or browser specified in BROWSER variable

Options Inherited from Parent Commands

--help[=false] Show help for command

-R, ā€‰--repo="" Select another repository using the OWNER/REPO or GROUP/NAMESPACE/REPO
format or full URL or git URL


glab pipeline ci view   # Uses current branch
glab pipeline ci view master  # Get latest pipeline on master branch
glab pipeline ci view -b master  # just like the second example
glab pipeline ci view -b master -R profclems/glab  # Get latest pipeline on master branch of profclems/glab repo

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