gjots2html - Man Page

Convert a gjotsfile to HTML (on stdout)


gjots2html { -lc ] [ -t title ] [ -i level } [ gjotsfile ]


gjots2html converts a gjotsfile into HTML with a table of contents.

Presently up to 8 levels of table of contents subject tree are supported.

gjotsfile uses m4(1) and awk(1)



adds <HR> lines after each section.


adds a link to the TABLE OF CONTENTS after each section.

-t title

adds a title to the page

-i level

Creates the table of contents down to that level of heading. The default is to include all headings.


Written by Bob Hepple <bhepple@freeshell.org>


See Also

gjots(1), gjots2docbook(1), docbook2gjots(1), gjots2html.py(1)

Referenced By

docbook2gjots(1), gjots2(1), gjots2docbook(1).