gitview - Man Page

repository restorer for white_dune (graphical vrml97/x3d editor and animation tool)

Synopsis viewercommand file

Description is a tool to restore git revision control files (usually built while using "File->save" in white_dune).
/ white_dune is a graphical editor for the Virtual Reality Modeling Language  (VRML97), ISO/IEC 14772-1:1997 and X3D. is similar to gitk , but shows the restored files, not the output of the "diff" command (which are rather useless for VRML97/x3D files (or  other 3D data, images or videos, if this files are stored in a git  repository)).
When used with a viewercommand and a file, opens a X11 window and shows the available revisions of the file. If a revision is selected and OK is pressed, this revision is restored (overwriting the file) and the viewercommand is used for the restored file.

Requirements uses sh shell, awk and kdialog to work

Example dune something_stored_in_dune.wrl


Exit status is 1 for wrong parameters

See Also

git(1), gitk(1), kdialog(1), awk(1), dune(1)


J. "MUFTI" Scheurich


2020-07-24 white_dune 1.931