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git-squash - Man Page

squash N last changes up to a ref´ed commit

Examples (TL;DR)


git-squash [<--squash-msg>] <source-branch|commit ref> [<commit-message>]


Squash the N last changes in the current branch, where N is the range of commits from the given ref up to HEAD.



Branch to squash on the current branch.

<commit reference> A commit reference (has to be from the current branch) can also be used as the first argument. A range of commits sha..HEAD will be squashed.


Commit the squash result with the concatenated squashed committed messages. This option can not be used together with <commit-message>.


If commit-message is given, commit the squashed result, otherwise the squash remains just added to the index and is not committed.


# squash changes and follow up with separate commit step
$ git squash my-other-branch
Updating a2740f5..533b19c
Squash commit -- not updating HEAD
 my-changed-file | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
$ git commit -m "New commit without a real merge"

# squash and commit with given message
$ git squash HEAD~3 "Commit message"

# squash and commit and concatenate all messages
$ git squash --squash-msg @~3


Written by Jesús Espino <jespinog@gmail.com>

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