git-secret-removeperson - Man Page

removes user´s public key from repo keyring.


git secret removeperson <emails>...


git-secret-removeperson - removes public keys for passed email addresses from repo´s git-secret keyring.

This command is used to begin the process of disallowing a user from encrypting and decrypting secrets with git-secret.

If you remove a user´s access with git-secret-removeperson, and then run git-secret-reveal and git-secret-hide -r, that user will no longer be able user to decrypt the hidden files.


-h  - shows this help.


Run man git-secret-removeperson to see this document.

See Also

git-secret-tell(1), git-secret-remove(1), git-secret-clean(1)

Referenced By

git-secret-clean(1), git-secret-remove(1), git-secret-tell(1).

April 2022 sobolevn git-secret 0.5.0-alpha2