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git-secret-remove - Man Page

removes files from index.


git secret remove [-c] <pathspec>...


git-secret-remove - stops files from being tracked by git-secret.

This deletes filenames from .gitsecret/paths/mapping.cfg, which stops these files from being tracked by git-secret, and from being encrypted to, or decrypted from, .secret encrypted versions.

There´s also a -c option to delete existing encrypted versions of the files provided.

Note unlike add, which automatically add pathnames to .gitignore, remove does not delete pathnames from .gitignore.

(See git-secret(7) https://git-secret.io/git-secret for information about renaming the .gitsecret folder using the SECRETS_DIR environment variable.


-c  - deletes existing real encrypted files.
-h  - shows help.


Run man git-secret-remove to see this document.

See Also

git-secret-add(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-add, git-secret-clean(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-clean, git-secret-removeperson(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-removeperson

Referenced By

git-secret-clean(1), git-secret-list(1), git-secret-removeperson(1).

April 2022 sobolevn git-secret 0.5.0-alpha2