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git-secret-hide - Man Page

encrypts all added files with repo keyring.


git secret hide [-c] [-F] [-P] [-v] [-d] [-m]


git-secret-hide - writes an encrypted version of each file added by git-secret-add command.

Then anyone enabled via git secret tell can decrypt these files.

Under the hood, git-secret uses the keyring of public keys in .gitsecret/keys to encrypt files, encrypted versions are typically called filename.txt.secret.

Later permitted users can use their secret key (typically from their home directory) to decrypt files.

It is recommended to encrypt (or re-encrypt) all the files in a git-secret repo each time git secret hide is run.
Otherwise the keyring (the one stored in .gitsecret/keys/*.gpg), may have changed since the last time the files were encrypted, and it´s possible to create a state where the users in the output of git secret whoknows may not be able to decrypt the some files in the repo, or may be able decrypt files they´re not supposed to be able to.

In other words, unless you re-encrypt all the files in a repo each time you hide any, it´s possible to make it so some files can no longer be decrypted by users who should be (and would appear) able to decrypt them, and vice-versa.

If you know what you are doing and wish to encrypt or re-encrypt only a subset of the files even after reading the above paragraphs, you can use the -F or -m options. The -F option forces git secret hide to skip any hidden files where the unencrypted versions aren´t present. The -m option skips any hidden files that have not be been modified since the last time they were encrypted.


-v  - verbose, shows extra information.
-c  - deletes encrypted files before creating new ones.
-F  - forces hide to continue if a file to encrypt is missing.
-P  - preserve permissions of unencrypted file in encrypted file.
-d  - deletes unencrypted files after encryption.
-m  - encrypt files only when modified.
-h  - shows help.

Env Variables


Run man git-secret-hide to see this document.

See Also

git-secret-init(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-init, git-secret-tell(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-tell, git-secret-add(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-add, git-secret-reveal(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-reveal, git-secret-cat(1) https://git-secret.io/git-secret-cat

Referenced By

git-secret-add(1), git-secret-cat(1), git-secret-changes(1), git-secret-list(1), git-secret-reveal(1), git-secret-tell(1), git-secret-usage(1), git-secret-whoknows(1).

April 2022 sobolevn git-secret 0.5.0-alpha2